How Popular is the Ontario Hockey League

Are you a student who plays hockey and doesn't miss any game? Do you want to know how popular is hockey? Keep on reading if you want to know more about the Ontario hockey league.

What is the Ontario Hockey League?

OHL or Ontario Hockey League is the world-wide known association. The league implies 20 teams. Three of them are in the United States, and others are in Ontario. The minimum age of their player is 16 years. The maximum is 21. In other words, this league is for college students who play hockey.
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OHL History
The first hockey games were played in 1890 by Ontario Hockey Association. After this, the league implemented age limits and switched its name to the Ontario Major Junior Hockey League. In 1980 the OMJHL was reorganized into the Ontario Hockey League. From this time, the official name remains the same.

Ontario Hockey League Popularity

Does OHL popular? Well, it's the 3rd world's popular hockey league. So, the answer is yes! It's a very popular league. Roughly 20% of former and current NHL players came from OHL.
Hockey in Canada
Why is hockey so popular in Canada? Almost anyone had this question at least once in life. There are a few reasons. Firstly, Canadians invented this sport. That's why it is so prevalent in this country. For instance, cricket is very popular in England, the country where it was invented.
Secondly, Canada is a northern country with a cold climate. Due to this, there is no need to create expensive facilities to play this game. When Canadians want to get the ice rink, they need to put some water on a flat surface outside and wait a few hours. After this, they can play hockey.
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OHL Around the Globe
This league is not as popular in other countries as in Canada. Its popularity around the globe depends on the area. For instance, Scandinavian countries and Russia, where this game is popular, always transmit hockey games on the TV.
Vise versa, in other countries, where this game is not accessible, a lot of people never heard about the Ontario Hockey League. In areas where the climate is warm, the most popular sport is basketball or soccer.

Last Words About OHL

Telling a long story short, the Ontario Hockey League is very popular, especially among young players. It is the association where a lot of NHL players started their careers. Unfortunately, hockey is popular in northern countries only. Due to this, the OHL is well-known in the United States, Canada, Russia, and Scandinavian countries.